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For Marketing and Sales Professionals

You get to enjoy the parts you love the most…

The WebDepartment is for anyone who sells, or wants to sell, WordPress websites.

Do any of the below sound familiar?

  • We want to offer our clients more
  • Handling the knitty gritty technical stuff just takes too much precious time
  • We want to be able to use talented designers, when we need them
  • We just want to sell web sites and know everything is done properly
  • We hate being on call 24×7 for the hosting but want our clients looked after
  • We just don’t have the time for ongoing social media / content updates etc
  • We don’t want to be tied in or have any additional costs

I just want to sell!

If so, we can help.

Working in a marketing environment inevitably means that web sites will be part of a larger conversation. Not all clients will need a web site, but many will.  We understand that marketing is a very broad subject, and it’s hard to be an expert in everything! You may enjoy the web, but many marking and sales professionals we talk to have some knowledge, but haven’t got the time or inclination to dive into the technical side of web development.

Our service is comprehensive, unique and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. That means you get to do as much or as little of the web site work as you would like.

Better still, there are no direct costs to you.  You set your own prices and factor in whichever WebDepartment package you would like to use. There are no tie-ins, no sales targets, no pressure.  You carry on with your business in your own style, however you like – we simply provide background support and services.

The customers are yours; we just take the hassle out of technical!


Everything in Flying for Designers plus:

Full custom, responsive design

Input and layout all content

Collect content and requirements from client

Sales support /site

Content layout support /site


per site *

1 hr

1 hr


per site *

1 hr



per site *

1 hr


The small type…

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